公司可供给完整的分立器件解决方案,产品种类包括各类场效应管(MOS)、低压差线性稳压器(LDO)、IC、晶体管、整流管、稳压管、瞬态电压抑制管(TVS)、肖特基(SBD)等;公司拥有近万平米制造厂房,引进多量DISCO、ASM、PowerTech、Juno等全新自动化生产和测试设备,延续为客户供给优品质、高靠得住性产品 。
         Dongguan Pingjingsemi Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2016, specialized in R&D of semiconductor discrete devices and sales of OEM brand products through the cooperation with world-renowned companies of  package & testing  in earlier stage; In 2018, it established its own production base. The headquarter of company is located in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Sales and service centers have been set up  successively in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, Jinan, Ningbo.

       The company offers a complete range of discrete device solutions in a wide range of products including MOS, LDO, IC, Transistors, Rectifiers, Zener diodes, TVS, SBD, etc . The company which has a plant of nearly 10,000 square meters, has introduced a large number of DISCO, ASM, PowerTech, Juno and other new automated producing and testing equipments, to provide customers with products of excellent quality & high reliability incessantly.


    The company has set up two R&D centers in Shanghai and Wuxi(Jiangsu province), dedicating to the independent chip design of MOSFET, and has formed a close wafer-tapeout cooperation relationship with HuaHong Semiconductor; The complete mode of independent chipdesign, wafer-tapeout and independent package&testing was formed after production base was established in Dongguan by 2018.

      At present, the company has a production base and two R&D centers, with a monthly production capacity of 500KK and 130 employees, including nearly 20 persons of R&D team which is composed of senior technical experts from semiconductor packaging and testing sector. 8 engineers and technicians, 16 quality control personnel are in the team, and 40% of them own the bachelor's degree or above.

    Auto-grade electronic components is our goal and direction. So, our workshops are built in full accordance with IC-level environment requirements: We have three 104-class clean plants  and one 105-class clean plant; Copper nets are laid in the floor of all workshops to achieve 106~109 anti-static grade; Whole workshops are kept in a constant temperature and humidity state all day long.

    We adopt the brand-newly automatic production & testing equipments to provide products of excellent quality & high reliability for customers continuou and time, develop in close cooperation with MES & ERP, we are promoting “The integration of informatization and industrialization” at the same time, This can not only provide the complete solutions and depth technical support, but also quickly respond customer requirements with small batch, diversification and customization.